International Language Academy of Canada(ILAC)

学校のお問い合せはこちらからお気軽にどうぞ yajirushi-2

688 West Hastings, 3rd floor, Vancouver, BC
V6B 1P1
スカイトレイン Waterfront 駅

バンクーバー一般英語 (ESL)
Power English
38 Lessons / week
週38レッスンの一般英語コースです。Intensive English Programより、30%早い英語上達が見込めると言われています。

1 – 10 週間 C$395 / 週
11 – 21 週間 C$385 / 週
22 – 32 週間 C$365 / 週
33 – 43 週間 C$355 / 週
44 週間以上 C$345 / 週
Intensive English
30 Lessons / week

1 – 10 週間 C$345 / 週
11 – 21 週間 C$330 / 週
22 – 32 週間 C$310 / 週
33 – 43 週間 C$300 / 週
44 週間以上 C$290 / 週
コース General English, Cambridge English(FCE), Cambridge English(CAE), TOEFL Preparation, IELTS Preparation, Business English, Universitiy Pathway
学校詳細情報 / School Details

創設年:2005年(トロント校は1997年)  開始日:毎週月曜日(メインスタートは4週間に1回)

レベル数:17段階  1クラス平均人数:13人

学校規模:大規模  生徒人数(夏期):1,000 – 1,200人 (冬期):900 – 1,100人

国籍割合(冬期):日本 13%、韓国19%、ブラジル14%、メキシコ8%、サウジアラビア7%、台湾5%、コロンビア 3%、ベネズエラ 3%、ロシア 3%、フランス 2%、チェコ2%、ドイツ2%、スイス 1%、トルコ1%、ウクライナ1%、チリ 1%、スペイン 1%、ベルギー1%、その他


国籍制限の有無: あり
クラス単位: あり
学校単位: 1国籍につき最大30%まで


ILAC 進学クラスパンフレット2017(英語)

ILAC International Collegeについてはこちら

学校紹介 / School Introduction


お勉強面では、2週間に1度のテストで英語力をチェック、上達の実感が味わえる仕組みになっています。レベルがあがってくるとプログラムの選択肢も豊かに。1?4週間の短期留学で楽しむことも、1年以上の長期留学で腰を据えてじっくりお勉強することも可能。キャンパスに設置された85台のパソコンはすべて日本語対応可能。無線LAN完備、生徒ラウンジ、パティオ、カフェテリアもあります。Languages Canadaにも加盟。

学校紹介ビデオ / School Introduction Video
おすすめポイント / Advantages


資格試験対策コースも豊富なので、目標に向かってしっかりお勉強したい方にもおすすめ。規定の成績でコースを修了するとTOEFLのスコア免除で入学できるカレッジや大学へのPathway Programも人気です。入学後も、担当者とのきめ細かいカウンセリングが可能。お友達をたくさん作って、お勉強も遊びも思う存分!という方におすすめの学校です。

訪問レポート / Report


先生から一言 / Messages from Teachers

Welcome to the beginning of a fabulous adventure which will remain with you for the rest of your life! More than learning English , you will learn a lot of exciting things about culture and background of our students who come from. Friends and change the way you feel about other countries and yourself. English will be your ticket to a new world of interesting friends, challenging opportunities and life-changing experiences. Welcome aboard and we’re thrilled you’re joining us! See you soon!!

先生の名前:Lauren Johnson

Graduated from SFU with First Class Honours in English. With over 7 years of ESL teaching from Children to Adults, Lauren joined ILAC 3 years ago after returning from a teaching contract in Thailand. She has taught all levels at ILAC from Beginners to High Advanced students. Lauren has also volunteered at the Carnegie Center in Downtown Vancouver at the Adult Language and Literacy Center and in a refugee camp overseas.†She has demonstrated her commitment to education and cultural understanding having volunteered in Palestine, Mexico as well as in India. ILAC is lucky to have her on staff.†She has extremely high student satisfaction ratings and is among our most popular teachers.

Lauren has recently been accepted into the MA in Literacy Education at UBC and is interested in focusing on education and international development as well as refugee education programs.

生徒の声 / Messages from Students
生徒さんのお名前:Ms. Yoko Hibi
受講コース:Study and Internship

Before taking the Internship Program, I was so nervous because I would be the only Japanese among lots of Canadian. However, I enjoyed the atmosphere while I was taking the Internship because there was a big difference between the Japanese and Canadian work environment.

Even though I couldn’t have a job with a lot of responsibilities because my internship was only a month, it was a nice to experience the Canadian working style and kindness.

Working at the front desk at a company is not easy if your listening and speaking skills are not sharp but it is worth to try to improve these communication skills with native speakers.

生徒さんのお名前:Ms. Shie Nagano

I thought that it was very difficult to communicate with my classmates at the beginning because of my poor English and different nationalities but I didn’t give up. Trying to do something new with my classmates and my friends is very fun.

生徒さんのお名前:Ms. Manami Shudo
受講コース: ESL

I was expecting strong speakers and weak speakers to be mixed-up in the same classroom, but ILAC had thoughtfully organized English classes. I didn’t have to hesitate to speak English in the class!! I felt very comfortable and learned a lot.

“Don’t be shy” is very popular catch phrase at ILAC Toronto and I totally agree with it. Students at ILAC do not have to be shy at all!!

生徒さんのお名前:Mr. Kenji Kuroda
受講コース:Intensive English、Internship

Thank you for giving me a good opportunity to being ILAC Activity Staff. Taking care of students and Supporting to ILAC Activities were I felt that I had a lot of responsibility and much fun more than I expected.



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