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Great Earthquake of Eastern Japan Support Project.


We considered what we can do. Let’s change our future!


 What we can do

This is not the publicity for U23. We are working on everything that we can do. This project is for the ones who are troubled by this earthquake or for people who are deep in grief.

Those who have talent use talent, those who have money use money, those who have power use power and those who have nothing have to keep smiling and stay cheerful. It is impossible for small shops or for individuals to supply huge amounts of money or necessities. But we can focus on those who are not cared for enough, and raise a movement and support them to recover mentally.

* Please check below for a further information about the project in progress. We are asking you to attend our events and to check for the latest information. A Facebook account is required to take part.


Safety confirmation support for students in Canada

We support students in Canada to confirm their families’ safety using our connection between Japan and Canada.If you cannot find out what you need to know, please feel free to ask us.


savejapan_iconWhat you can do

If there is anyone concerned or looking for someone, please use the address above to contact us.




U23 will donate the sales of the goods from the U23 Online Store, as well as the U23 Tokyo office and the U23 Toronto office.(The original plan was to donate all our sales to the Japan Red Cross, but we changed this plan into allocating part of the donations for rescue supplies on the
basis of the donator’s approval. We have come to the conclusion that this is our best way to support and collect the accurate on-site information utilizing a network of people that are supporting in the affected area and are aware of the needs. We, as members of an advanced country are volunteering, and we will be there to help. Our CEO will visit the affected areas from May 2nd to May 4th, and we would be grateful to obtain your support by the time he leaves. If there is anything that you want to send please ask us. We will confirm whether it is surely needed or not.

We set up the “U23 Charity Sets” which are easy to pay with just $10. Every time a set is sold, we will donate $10 and a U23 towel as a supply.



U23 Store  http://www.u23.net/store

Japan Red Cross  http://www.jrc.or.jp/

We will also ask U23 support families, host families, schools and tutors for cooperation. We would appreciate if you would also to ask friends around you to help. As of April 11th, we raised $520 in Canada and $18,000 in Japan. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


savejapan_iconWhat you can do

Lets raise funds and ask the friends around us for their cooperation. This is not a project to collect a certain amount of money or a target, therefore you may donate directly to the Red Cross.


U23 Charity Bar

We will open the U23 Tokyo Office as a reception desk for rescue supplies. Moreover, we will open the U23 Charity Bar not only as a place where we can share the information for the affected
area but as a place where we can sympathize the uneasiness due to the earthquake and attempt to recover from it mentally.Various people will be gathering together with meals as a potluck. We will do bring rescue supplies to the affected area. Besides, it is also used as a foothold to discuss this difficult situation about the stressful continuous aftershock and blackouts.

IMGP0774  IMG_0211 IMG_0205

n the first Charity Bar, we were able to collect six boxes of rescue supplies. We would also like to report what we had heard from the volunteers in the supply sorting center. Please check the updated U23 Charity Bar schedule which is to be held irregularly.



savejapan_iconWhat you can do

Please send your rescue supplies to the U23 Tokyo Office. If you are a student who is studying in Canada, please ask your family and friends in Japan for cooperation.


Energy Saving

They are short of electricity in the Tohoku and Kanto districts. We can save our energy with a little more concern in our daily lives. We created a poster about energy saving to raise attention.


*Please click for enlargement.

Energy Saving Poster  http://setsuden.tumblr.com/post/3830130579/https-twitter-com-u23ken

★Please see below for other languages.

Chinese Korean Spanish French Portuguese German

Italian Russian Swedish Ukrainian Polish

Special thanks Joy, Mike, Quatro, Arlette, Rosangela and Marta.

● What U23 Tokyo Office do

We minimize the use of electricity in the office. We turn off air condition, washlets and we minimize the use of lighting.


savejapan_iconWhat you can do

263169765Please ask your office or supermarket convenience store in your neighbourhoods to hang our posters on their wall. It is not only the Japanese who are troubled with this crisis. Some foreigners may not know “Premeditated power failure”. This is our turn to help those in need of help. We experienced the kindness when we were away. If you are not in Japan, please ask your friends for cooperation


★Posters are seen on…

Noriben diary

ARKS Contact

mamma mia

Sato Sample


Asking for refraining from buying out and storing too much

If you buy out and store too much, not only those who live around you but those who really are in need won’t get any when they really need it. We created the poster for awareness to refrain from buying out “Stop Panic Buying” asking for a cooperation.

Stop Panic Buying http://www.facebook.com/STOPPANICBUYING

Posters for stopping panic buying  http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2130033261350754601


*Please click for enlargement.

savejapan_iconWhat you can do


Please ask store which are experiencing Buy outs to hang the poster on the wall. If you are studying in Canada, please ask your family and friends for cooperation.

Refraining from using cell phones and telephone lines

Let’s try to use Skype more than cell phones. If you can use Skype, allow us to Skype with you when your phone counselling. Please note that when we call you with Skype to your cell phone, international number will be shown on the display.


savejapan_iconWhat you can do

 Please refrain from using cell phones and home phones for those who are in need for help right after the earthquake or disaster.


 Televising news program at U23 office

We play Japanese news using Ustream at U23 office. We let students and all those who visit our office know what it is like and how greatly they are in need for help in the affected areas.


savejapan_iconWhat you can do

Please involve friends and acquaintances and ask for their support.


Supporting Students From the Stricken Area Financially to Study Abroad

Under Consideration


Throwing a Charity Event

Our 8th anniversary parties on April 21st in Toronto and 23rd in Tokyo are going to be a
“Charitable event”. We will donate a part of our income as a fund for recovery. We will raise a funds that day as well.

U23 8th Anniversary Party  http://www.u23.net/party/

At U23 8th Anniversary Party, we will hold a charity bar which is an opportunity to collect rescue supplies and charitable donations from this event. Please check below for further updated information.



savejapan_iconWhat you can do

 Let’s gather together and cheer up by taking part in these events. You can invite your friends, of course! If you have any idea or if you know someone who is tactful to live it up.


Participants in U23 Project

mihoterachisavejapan_iconMiho Terachi

Saxophonist, Miho Terachi, one of the players of 2010 in the “JAZZ LIFE” will 
participate in the U23 Party in Tokyo and is planning to perform.



savejapan_icon Emi Evans

Emi Evans of “Fressscape” provides a song to give bravery and smiles to Japan.→http://freesscape.com/html/freedownload.html

IMGP4735“In this heartbreaking time we drew comfort from this song and would like to humbly share it with anyone else who it may touch. Let`s keep praying and hoping for our beloved Japan..”




■ ご家族の安否が確認したい方へ


■ 募金したい方へ*募金詐欺にご注意ください。

日本赤十字 http://www.jrc.or.jp/

U23地震募金 http://www.u23.net/store

■ 被災地を支援したい方へ


■ 外国人向けの英語情報をお探しの方へ


■ 地震のニュースをネット(Ustream)で見たい方へ*日本のニュースが見れます



w_120_60■ Save Japan都道府県別災害救援twiter/facebookまとめ


■ Google東北地方太平洋沖地震

日本語 http://www.google.co.jp/intl/ja/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

英語 http://www.google.co.jp/intl/en/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

■ 世界の祈り

#prayforjapan http://prayforjapan.jp/

世界から届いた日本への祈り http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2129985372846288901

■ ネット上のデマ情報まとめ



I really appreciate and I am very proud of my staff and my friends for their grant aid and their understanding of its load. It is them that lead my personal action to an organized one as U23.

U23 Inc. CEO Kensuke Utsumi



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